Early Century Resorter Jetdrives

Recently I have seen an older Century Resorter with a jet drive. Does anyone know of anything good or bad concerning this type of propulsion?

I don’t know if I have ever seen a Resorter with a jet drive, maybe you might see an Arabian with one installed. I don’t believe that a jet drive was an option with Century.
Anyway, the main thing with a jet is the real lack of control at slow speeds. Pretty wild to ski behind with that fire hose shooting out the back at you.:grin:

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Thanks for the input! Be being “difficult to control at slower speeds”, are you meaning in docking the boat? I did not think of that. I am finding evidence that Century produced some of these, but nobody has years, models or numbers that I have found. It is a novelty to be sure, but I would like to be able to use the boat as well! Thanks again!

A guy on our lake has one.

Owner said it’s a Resorter with an AMC Gray Marine engine. Apparently about 40 were produced.

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Thanks! Did the owner complain at all about docking with a jet drive. A fellow woody boater brought up control at slow speeds might be a problem. Thanks again!

Maneuverability did not come up. He uses it frequently but he normally just enters and exits his lift.

Thank you!

Had one long ago. Had to get the RPMs up to get it on plane. If you backed it off much it would sink down. Was a gas hog.

Thanks Jim! I guess if I was looking for something a bit unique, this would fit the bill. However, I would like to find something I could use as multipurpose boat that was also easy to pilot. Unique, might be a plus!

NO, NO, NO!! Don’t do it.

Jim, I should have been clearer. With the advice everyone gave, I have decided to look for something a bit more user friendly…no jet drive! Thanks so much for your input! Dan