Could this be a Garwood?

This is continued from ( Whoohoo, We Got A Us A Whatizit From Wes And Mr Wardsworth?) June 2022 in Woody Boater. Since then I have found some additional pictures/info on my Great Grandfathers boat on Priest Lake, ID in the 1950-60’s. As the story goes the boat came from the “East” on a train to Spokane WA and then was moved to Priest Lake. It was purchased in 1947 “maybe” and that outboard is just a trolling motor that backfired and dropped into the lake so the story goes. I was convinced that because of what appears to be a Century bow chrome that it was indeed a Century. Several people believed the same thing from the original post. Turns out from my Century guru Thomas they only made 18’ Sedans in 1939-41 and they had “curved step in the covering boards” mine doesn’t. The bow piece does look like a Century who put one on various models from 1947-1954, all inboards.

A few people mentioned it could have been a Century Utility that was converted into a sedan but to me it looks pretty stock including those air scoops.

At this point I had given up until I was at the Spokane Boat Show and playing on the TV slideshow was a boat that looked pretty close to my grandparents boat. Sure enough Wes had that picture from Yandt Boat Works in the 40-50’s and as it turns out they were Garwood dealers. Could my Grandparents boat be a Garwood? I also talked to a guy that Wes helped find pictures of his Grandparents boat on Priest who had purchased a Garwood from Yandts about the same time and they were neighbors (although back then everyone was a neighbor) Here is the picture, what does everyone think? Is it a Garwood or a Century, it’s not a Chris Craft, or is it???

Here is the original article. Hope it helps! Whoohoo, We Got A Us A Whatizit From Wes And Mr Wardsworth? – Classic Boats | Woody Boater

Matt I don’t see the article???

Woooops I found it…//dah!

I would also side with the Century Camp. This looks like a late 40s boat given the cutwater with what appears to be a Century logo embellishing it.

There is one feature that looks somewhat Gar Wood-like, and that is the short fore deck with the high deck crown. Many other features are not reminiscent of Gar Wood at all. In 1939 Gar Wood made a similar design called the 18’6" Streamline Cabin Utility. It was a sedan top version of their standard 18’6" utility. I am currently restoring one of those. The cabin top and hull profile is significantly different on the Gar Wood Streamline Cabin Utility. Gar Wood also made a 24’6" version of the Streamline Cabin Utility. But, again, entirely different hull profile with a broken shear line. I am saying “no” to Gar Wood, and yes to Century—possibly a special order as they were known to do now and then.

It sounds like most agree they can’t look past that chrome nose piece looking like a 1947-52 Century and I agree however, Century did not make sedan during that time period to my knowledge. I have heard that it could have been a factory option and it does look factory. Thanks for the input.

Check out the covering boards on this 1941 Century. The foredeck does look the part.

The first two pics, I believe we are looking at a Century. Beyond the obvious headbadge, the hull shape and blonde foredeck looks to be Century. The windshield panels look Chris-Craft though🤔.
As for the third pic I really can’t say what that might be. Looks to be a different boat. It has flat covering boards and a different sheer line. The windshield and cabin structure are not the same also.