Welcome To The Old Boats Home

Come on in, we are all here to assist you in your ownership of a, or more than one classic speed boat. We have trusted experts ready to answer your questions.
The dumber the better BTW, since those are the easy ones to answer. And of course spelling is optional since this is a WoodyBoater site. We will review all the answers and mark the approved one so you can filter through all the thoughts and suggestions.


Now that I know all these words How do I remember them so I don’t do something stupid like calling a Garboard a King Plank?

I am already learning!! I never knew our boats had a Breast Hook. That must be why we all call them she.

Yes Troy!

Michigan gang reply #2!

Hey, I think I figured it out!

Wheres the mouse nest?

And here we go

I can’t believe I got approved.

You are now “somebody”

Is there a way to update a user’s profile?

Found it. Matt, thanks for creating this!

Love it when that happens

Thought I was being shunned by the gang
But then found my approval in junk email

Will this have a classified section

No Classified Please. It takes over and becomes a flea market.

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Im in. It was pretty easy to navigate.

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Works great. Thank you Matt for doing this.

Thanks for creating the Old Boats Home. I have been in withdrawal since the death of the Boat Buzz. I need to get familiar with the format. Looks like it should work well.:grin:

Have fun with it. The boat buzz still has some great info. BTW, there is an app for this as well. The platform is great. Matt

Congratulations to all involved in the establishment of this great resource. I’m enjoying it already. Thanks for my admission. Cheers. Mark (47ChrisSedan)