Miss APBA Plans

Where are can you get a copy of the John Hacker designed 26’ race boat Miss APBA?
I thought they were available at the Mariners Museum in Virginia.
Thank you

I’m not positive but I think Classic Boating may have printed them recently. Another source is to purchase one of the Motor Boating books on E bay. Need to do a search for which issue or edition .

If you can ID the issue, I have a library of the issues and can copy

Volume 22 page 48

ON IT! Will dig through them today.

If you don’t have it Matt I could scan mine and send it to you?

Do you think is has the table of offsets?

Do you think it has the table of offsets?

Yes the table is there. One still needs to loft the given dimensions. When I built the J Hacker Zipper some of the numbers were 1/8 inch off.

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Hi guys. The Mariners Museum replied to my email and provided a scan of the plans that they had in the Motor Boating Magazine archives. I am assuming they are the same as the ones that Classic Boating has. I’m going through them and I think there was an article in an ACBS chapter publication about modifying them to accommodate a V-8. Does this sound familiar to the both of you?