Lots of questions for this ship

Old fart observations, 1) I love the fact that when I click on a users handel/dot I can actually see the users real name. 2) Lots of new things to learn here, but one BASIC thing is not clear,to me, where does one start typing a new post and then post it. It took me awhile to even get this far. 3) How does one change their dot to a picture? 4) It says that I need a title, where, how do I buy one.
I’m sure there is more, no, I know there is more that befuddles me.

Hold Please! Let me route you to the correct person. MUZAC SOUND !!!

You asked for that title, you got it! I wish I would have thought of it! HA, I put in your image. But that could change, Go to your profile section and you can add anything you like.

representive…I want to talk to a REPRESENTATIVE!!!

HELLO, My name is BOB, I want you to know that we care about your call, and will be right back with you.