Transom lettering

I need some guidance. I’d like to try lettering my transom but I really don’t know what I’m doing. I have a general concept how I want it to look but I would appreciate any ideas. Are letter stencils available? I’ve looked locally but came up empty. After reading your (Matt) posts I’ll be using "one shot enamel. What brush would you use? I’m using white for the letters and green for the flower stem. I’d like to outline the letters but what color? When tracing the letters do you use a pencil and paint to the lines or mask off the design? I did a quick mock up on the old transom to get an idea of the size and font.

You can trace on a roll of tracing paper, then use chalk or pencle on the back, then trace on the transome over the tracing thus transfering the chalk, pencle onto the wood. OR us a projector and project it onto the wood? Or go to your local vinyl sign person and have them make it BUT use the reverse as a stencl. You could use any hardware store paint on that transom. And as brushes go. Thats where it gets very tricky. You need lettering brushes.

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Thanks Matt. I found some 10" letter stencils on amazon with the font I want to use. I’m going to practice on some plywood before I tackle the real thing. I’ll post pics when it’s done.