Boat cleanup at the boat shows

Now that it is boat show season! My question to the classic Boating community is how do you clean up your boat for the show once you arrive at the show via trailer or via water?
A quick towel off and you’re ready? Spray wax on the chrome? Anything on the varnish?
At the car shows the guys might pull out some speed wax and a microfiber cloth. So what do you all do to the boats on show day?

I am sure others will have different answers. I use a damp cloth, shami, and windex. Chrome polish, no wax, cause I am always nervous about that stuff on varnish. But it can help protect the chrome. The real trick is CLEAN THE GLASS! I know it seems silly, but that shows off the best. If you want to sparkle up the varnish, some 3M finess can help a bit. Floors are also a thing, white flooring? I use White wall bleach or some ajax. BUT, here is the real deal. We dont sit around and clean like in the car shows. GO BOATING! Boat shows are a more fun thing and just keep it wiped down from water spots.

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NevRDull wadding is my fav for chrome. Doesn’t leave a residue on the varnish or scratches and the can of wadding lasts a long time. Some say Simichrome or Flitz works well on metal too.

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Thanks Matt. Good advice on glass cleaner. I’m loading some supplies to take to the St. Michael’s show and I Now have the glass cleaner added to my arsenal.

50/50 mix of white vinegar/water in a spritz bottle for the wood - works on fiberglass hull & decks to remove hard water droplet stains as well

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Bilgerat I had to google Nevrdull. Looks interesting and good reviews. I’ll have to pickup some and give it a try. Thanks!