Varnish and other supplies

I needed varnish and other supplies and while searching all the usual wood boat supply places i got ‘‘sticker shock’’ at the prices. everything thing has pretty much doubled or tripled. silicon bronze screws are crazy prices. I’ve decided I’m just not paying these prices. i found Man o’ War gloss varnish on ebay for $71 a gallon and free shipping. has anyone used this and what were your thoughts on it.i just came from a mill that i get mahogany from and i was quoted $16 a board foot, no thanks.

This is the stuff, developed by Fitzke and is ready in an hr to put another coat on. Minneapolis Wood Boat Restoration by Fitzke Boatworks

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the LV or traditional varnish?

One is for building up, and the traditional is thinner and has more UV. I think thats the difference. Ask them, he is a great guy and the Varnish does do a nice build. I have put it on my Trawler to test over the winter. Outside. The beauty of this is youcan put 2-3 coats a day on it.

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I bought a gallon of the traditional gloss varnish. The seller called me and said they were out of the gallon size, asked if it would be alright to send four quarts instead.well yea, id rather have quarts anytime. I’m convinced it’s better than the captains varnish I’ve been using since forever. Three coats a day easily. Goes on easy after thinning, lays flat. I have 6 coats of America’s varnish over three coats of thinned captains over 6 coats of Smith’s cpes. I’m only doing maybe two more coats because it builds up nice. If my shop wasn’t so dirty I wouldn’t even buff the dust mites out, still may not. Thanks.

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