Trailer clearances for twin engine 1956 26’ CC

I’m pulling out this sedan with twin K’s but need width of props for clearance as well as depth of props to clear trailer prop cage protector. Owner wants to haul out but has no trailer. I’m trying to help him out as he’s concerned with a slow leak and doesn’t want to sink her. Anyone have dimensions??

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Hi, I have a 28’r, which may be a little beamier. These dimensions may give you a little margin for error.
58" O.S. of wheels max
14" depth from bottom of hull.
Mine has a keel 7" deep @ 6 1/2’ from the stern.
I don’t know if this is going to help.
Good Luck


Thanks Captain. Good place to start. I wondered if the distance between centerline of shafts would be the same throughout all models with 10’ beam and under? Grandson Chris Smith probably could have answered this question off the top of his head may he rest in peace.