"Snow-Nabsted" Transmission Leak (Similar to Paragon)

The Kermath engine (Chris Craft “H”) is a repower in my 1931 Model 199. Tranny developed a leak. I am in the wood boat desert of Colorado (we do have a very active antique/classic club) with only one shop that will even look at the old flatheads. The mechanic there improved the condition but it is not fully resolved. I have talked to Dave Van Ness which is where I learned it is not a Paragon. Dave can repair but means removing it from the engine and sending to his shop. Any thoughts or recommendations will be most appreciated.

Removing and shipping is easy! I would do that 100%

Matt. Thanks for quick response. I will take a look at the configuration. I think it will be necessary to disconnect the motor mounts and raise the engine to get to the lower transmission bolts. I think you have a 99/199 in your “fleet” so you have an idea of the limited access.

P.S. I did try “reply” from my iPhone and it bounced. Could be my lack of tech expertise??

Yes, you are right about disconnecting the rear engine mounts and lifting the rear. You will have to suck out some of the engine oil and any remaining in the reverse gear before separating it as I assume that it shares oil with the engine like a manual paragon does.

Thanks for jumping in…Yes, same lubrication sharing as with Paragon so will drain oil first. Time for the annual change anyhow :slight_smile:

Just a suggestion if you have to ship that across the country; build a sturdy wood shipping box for it rather than use a cardboard box. Using 3/4 plywood screwed together should help insure it’s safe delivery. I did this for a velvet drive and even cut oblong hand holes on the box for the UPS guy’s convenience.

Thank you Bilgerat! I had been considering both and your suggestion has put me on the side of wood shipping.

If you are shipping to dave ask him about shipping, since its a very common situation.

Thanks. I did get good shipping advice from him

Yes, he has a unique method that can save you big money