Cutwater 1947 Chris Craft U-18

Does anyone have a good source for the fabrication of a cutwater for a 1947 Chris Craft U-18 or have one that will fit? I don’t even have an old one for a pattern but I’m sure I can create a template. Most of the metal fabrication shops I’ve talked to can’t do the curved section at the upper end. For ones that could do that the metal is too thick to roll the curve. The “V” shaped part is no problem.

I know of someone in Mo. He did a beautiful job on a 1926 Dart last year.

Buffalo Metal Works - Sagle, ID - made one for my 1935 Dodge several years ago.

Mike Schreiber, 508-333-9336. He did mind and did a great job.

Unfortunately, Mike doesn’t do U-22 or U-18 cutwaters any more according to their website.

What part of he country are you in? We have a guy here in Michigan that is a fantastic metal guru and could do it.

I live in the Southwestern part of Idaho (Boise/Nampa area)

Jeff I don’t know how desperate you are, but here is our metal grgu here in Michigan. His name is Jim Mathis and # is 810 794 7231. Tell him that Frankie and Art sugggested him.

Thanks for the information. I’m just starting the restoration project and doing an inventory of missing parts. On my latest project I waited until I needed the parts to start looking. Needless to say there has been a lot time waiting. Thanks again. I’ll get in touch with Jim.

Wow Jeff I got the impression that you were in need of a cut water now, not just looking. Jim is a very busy and particular about who he does work for so I would suggest that you don’t call him unless you actually need one.

Thanks for the information. I have yet been able to get a hold of Jim. His busy schedule is exactly why I’m looking now for a fabricator. I don’t want wait until I’m ready to install the cutwater and then start looking. I need one but not at this moment.
I can get on his schedule and have it when I need it. There is a local shop I use for various stainless steel parts but they can’t do the curved part on a 47 U-18 cutwater. If it was a normal “V” shape I could get locally.