Battery Location 1961 Chris Craft Continental 21'

Does anybody here know where the battery is located? Obviously I am a novice. I grew up on High Rock Lake around boats. My daddy said “You don’t want a wooden boat. They are too much work”. Well, I have one now. And it needs some work to float and run. I think I will name it “Petrified”, because I sure am. I am like the Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion. I need advice and confident to tackle some things on this boat myself. 'Cause I’m poor. I will have many more questions to post here. Hopefully I will get what was advertised, Straight, honest, correct answers from the guys that know. Brad

Hi Brad, welcome to the Old boats Home, I am sure somone will chime in. Many of these batteries are in front of the engine under a seat, or behind the front seat back. Follow the wires from the engine. But if there isnt one, then we will get more down to the exact detail for ya. Sometimes people have moved them. Like under the rear seat. BTW, a 1961 is THE year to have with that model

Okay, here ya go. And you may want to put on some diapers cause your gonna pee yourself. The good folks at Marine Services Unlimited did a big time award winner. AND there are about one trillion images on the site 1961 21Ft Chris Craft Continental Hardtop - Marine Service Unlimited
Looks like the battery box is in front of the engine under a panel .

Matt is spot on with the typical location of the battery. May I add that I would not own a boat without a battery switch. I’ve seen too often when there’s a short and smoke It takes too long to fumble for a wrench to disconnect the batteryA a simple on off switch is a great safety device. Just my two cents worth

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Seeing High Rock lake, did you get your Continental from someone in Lexington, NC? He had 4 or 5 boats in a furniture factory, I looked at them a few years ago.

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Thanks for the compliments. I loved this boat the moment I saw it. Sold 2 classic Mustangs to get it. Thank you Matt for taking the time to look up the information I asked for. I still work 50+ hours a week, so I have not gotten to the barn to see. I will have many more questions.

The 60-61? Continental I have came from Maryland through Iowa. If you are shopping or looking, here are a couple of Nice ones,