Riva Tritone 1st series

Hello woody boaters,

I don´t know if this is the right category – but I will try anyway.

A friend of mine is giving away his loved Riva Tritone.
This boat is very rare and a real jewel.
I think it is No.37 from 1957 – a very unique and classic boat.
Driven by two original MBL 174 HP Chris-Craft six cylinder engines.
Maybe someone always was looking for a chance to buy a boat like this.
It has been recently restored in Italy to original specs.
Anyone interested please PM me for more infos.


Beautiful Boat! (I’m biased…Tritone No. 3)
Post this to the Riva Club USA webpage too…

GIVING AWAY? Donate to Woodyboater?

Wow … Tritone Nr. 3 is a legend!
Yes please, would be great if you could post it on the Riva Club USA. I am not a member there, so I cannot do it myself. The boat is in Italy at RAM at the moment. Transport can be arranged.

Hi Matt, for sure I would donate for woody boater.
Actually I was wondering why there is no category for marketplace, offeriings, searching parts …