Restore color to faded fiberglass

My 1969 Century Cheetah has faded badly on the motorbox from sitting in the sun at the dock. Is there a good way to restore the color? Make it darker?

I think that about all you can do is try to take off enough of the oxidized old jell coat to get back to the base color. Try using some 400 wet or dry sandpaper and take the old coat down to where you find some uniform color then use a foam pad on a variable speed buffer to take the scratches out and keep working until the color is uniform. Wax with good car wax.

Thanks. I may give that a try.

We are about to do an experiment with some stuff called Poly Glow which restores gel coats. STAY TUNED.

PolyGlow will work very well, but is a product that needs to be re-applied and kept up on a regular (yearly or maybe semi-annually in Texas) basis.

I also read years ago about putting something (maybe linseed oil) on faded gelcoat to restore it.

This might be a good question for the Fiberglassics forum.

I remember years ago using Penetrol to revive fiberglass color. I had some and it seems to work. I have only done the lid which was worse than the sides.

Job complete with a coat of wax. I don’t know how long it will last but it looks great now!

WOW! That looks great