Making Kapok Cushions?

I am doing some seat cushions for the little racer, I got the Kapok from Woodies Restorations, and now am a bit lost. Do I keep the Kapok in the bags in the cushions? Seems a bit strange?

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I have watched a few old school upholstery guys use very thin plastic to push it into the cushions. Other wise it bunches up and won’t lay flat. I have use plastic to do the same with batting material to push into all the corners of cushions

Check this out Matt


I would put it in plastic bags and then cover with vinyl I didn’t use plastic bags and my boat got completely soaked last year at Clayton. It took a bit to dry out the cushions afterwards propping them up in the sun drain out, etc…

I built some for my 1942 Chris craft Special runabout years ago. I got a lot of info off of the CC boat buzz. The Kapok is stuffed into a light canvas box cushion. You quilt the stuffed cushion to keep the kapok from moving around. Then the leather or vinyl box cushion cover is put over that and the small opening is then hand sewn. You have to take a handful of Kapok and pull it apart to fluff it up. When you think you’ve teased enough do some more. The stuff is organic but I found it irritated my nose like hay fever so I used a dust mask. Don’t forget to put the life preserving straps on the bottom.
I’ll search for some photos.


Original prewar cushion construction…

Original prewar style reproductions…

Exactly what Bill posted. Make sure you do the basting in the middle of the kapoc pillows. Many don’t and the kapoc puffs up instead of being a flat cushion.