Cavalier (plywood) glue used

Working on my 1955 17’ CC Cavalier Utility.

It was in good shape but all of a sudden, the top deck ply is delaminating all over. This deck is 3/8” Chris Craft manufactured mahogany plywood and glued down with a black, now very hard adhesive at all contact to frame points. CC used screws and mostly nails to fix the sheets in place while glue set-up. The history books say it’ was a Thiokol product.

Anyone know about this glue? And a good method of removing this deck and glue, while saving the framework?

And what glue would be good for the new deck, 3M 5200?

I bought a sheet of mahogany plywood to fix the transom on mine.

like abut everything else that works, thiokol they say causes cancer…got ditched.
resorsinol…spelling? is that black stuff thiokol was mostly sort of whitish grey?
5200 is the way to go. John in VA

For the record, Bacon causes cancer. So there is that to ponder.

A technique from Don Dannenberg’s books talks about using a plunge router set to the thickness of the deck and then milling off the deck where it attaches to the deck frames. If done properly, minimal damage to the frames and the router bit should chew through the adhesive. Obviously you need to be sure there are no nails or screws still holding this together as the router bit won’t tolerate those. Wear protective eyewear. You won’t be left with the old deck plywood to use a pattern though.