Exhaust Connection

This may be a silly question but this is my first restoration project. I have a Chris Craft KB engine that I’m about ready to connect the exhaust pipe to the engine. Do I use anything at the joint other than the white braided rope? It looks like what I would use around the door on a wood burning stove. The parts appear that something else was used to pack that joint.
Thanks for your help.

That material should work just fine. Take your time and do a neat job of it so that when you tighten the nut on the exhaust pipe, it pushes evenly on the packing. If done correctly, you shouldn’t need anything else. Sometimes when there is a crimp in the
Exhaust pipe people will use red high temperature
Permatex if they can’t get it to seal properly. Make sure you have the cross pin in the pipe to hold everything together while you tighten it.

David, Thanks for the information. Your response bring up another question about the cross pin. I didn’t get to take this project apart. Just boxes of stuff but nothing I recognize as a cross pin. I see the holes in the exhaust pipe but I found no corresponding spots on the collar or the exhaust elbow. Does the pin fit between the collar and the elbow along with the packing material?

Slide the nut on the pipe, then the collar. Then insert the cross pin. Then wrap the packing, Two complete wraps should do it with one below the pin and one above.

Thanks for the information.