Tachometer conversion

Has anyone converted a Chris Craft mechanical tachometer to 12v? Looking for a diy assembly

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Have you looked into Cable X from Abbott Enterprises? I went down this road years ago when I considered putting a Merc Cruiser in my 1935 Dodge. Things did not work out for various reasons but I think it may work for your situation. Feel free to contact me for more details.

I am not an expert but I have had several tachometers restored by the experts. One told me that you just find a modern electric tach that is the same diameter as your original tach. Then you put the old face on the new tach. The problem may come if you are replacing your old flathead with a newer V-8 as the rotation may be wrong. Then you would have to get the expert to repaint your gauge face to rotate the other way. It never ends!

Thanks for the info. I am running sbc chevys and one does turn in the opposite direction and then there is the built in hour meters. Fun times when you on a tight budget.

Thanks, I will check them out.

I am enclosing a picture of the unit. It has never been used. I was told by Abbott rep - Mary- she could walk me through how to set the Dip switches to allow the
mechanical tach to mimic an electronic tach.

Thanks for pic. I did look Abbott Enterprises and read about their conversion. I have since discovered that my mechanical tach has a broken cable. I am going to try and a new cable before I spend a lot of money electronic conversions.
Thanks for your help, Dave

I have converted many vintage tachometers.
Actually you can use the interior of a modern tachometer.
Or program a little microcontroller yourself to drive a little stepper, but that´s rather tricky.

This company has an Electronic Signal to Mechanical Cable Drive Adaptor:

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