Stern light electrical connections

I’ve got a 58 15’ Cavalier. I’ve had issues with the electrical connector in the base of the stern pole and the base. I’ve cleaned them and tested everything and in my opinion comes down to these connectors being bad. I can’t find this style of connectors anywhere. Anybody have any ideas?

Try jim Staib at fine wood boats.

No luck with Jim, he was stumped so this is literally my last hope. Was hoping to stir some engagement on this new platform. Thanks for doing this Matt

Challenge accepted

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The first image is the connector that goes in the bottom of the flag pole, the second image is the connector in the base. If we need some better pictures I can get them

Try this. Great guy.

Joel is a great guy and may have a used one

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Also try Dave at Classic Boat Connection, they have a bunch of stern light hardware

Okay, after talking to some life lines, you may be able to find other connectors and then the fit may be the issue so thats part of the fun, Jim used to stock the conectors. Did you share the image with him.

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The base looks to be modified from original… Possibly it was drilled out to accept the electrical contact that is usually installed in the pole? Look for an example of an original stern pole chrome base and compare.


Try AA Marine

A Marine - Restoration Marine Hardware, Vintage Boat Parts, and Gauges | AA Marine - Classic Boating

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Thank you everyone- I’ve reached out to Joel- he’s the only one I haven’t contacted. I’m going to get some better pictures and a video to post

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Joel emailed me back and I’m going to send him this info too. Thought I’d share a couple of videos and pictures of the electrical connectors in my stern pole.

Links to YouTube videos (couldn’t post them here)

I did a few months back, we were on the phone and I texted him pictures. I know this is an oddball situation with my boat being a cavalier. Likely odds and ends parts to put it together. All of these parts appear to work together and show no indication of being bastardized. With the way this pole locks in place (push and twist to lock in place) I need to have a male end on the bottom of the pole that can spin in the female end of the deck connection.

If you can’t find the parts maybe some longer wire and ends and just let the connection drop down inside

That’s a great idea Syd- I may go that route. An original stern pole is pretty pricey I’m finding! I need to figure out a way to secure the pole in the base if I do that. The connections allow it to have a snug fit when it’s rotated and “locked” in the base. As I’m typing this I’m thinking I might be able to remove the plastic terminal inner parts to give me enough clearance for wire to pass through and keep the brass to create a snug fit! Thanks for the idea :grinning:

It’s usually a dimple in the metal that holds the inner part in. Should be able to drill it out glad to be of help

Yes sir! I already prepped that trying to troubleshoot the connectors :rofl: should be pretty easy to remove them and route wire!