Six Cylinder Crusader

This is a Hail Mary. I’m looking for the above engine, all or parts, running or not. This would be an early 60’s engine. It’s based on the Ford 200 CI, 120 HP straight six. I think they were used in Correct Crafts and Lymans, maybe others. Anyone have any leads?

We had a pair of Ford six’s and moved them to Torch Lake MI. They may still be there. Call Dwight at 231 631-9999.

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Frank Gonzales from Seattle just started a boat recycling business. I think it’s called Gonzo Boatworks. Anyway, he is scrapping boats and saving all the “good stuff”……maybe send him a message and ask him to see if he has that motor in stock or at least be on the lookout.

I left a message. Thanks.

I spoke with Dwight’s brother and he talked to Dwight. So don’t give up on him. Please try again. He’s been ill and didn’t get your first message. Thanks.

Thanks, I will give him a try

Have you had any luck yet with the six cylinder Ford engines?

No, afraid not.

I will call him. Thanks

I did try to call and just got the leave a message. so i did. will call his brother again also. They usually talk every week. so well see whats going on. thanks

Try these guy they deal with Crusader marine

I called and they did their best but no luck. Thanks for the tip though.

Hey all! Good news. First an apology. The engine in question is an Interceptor, not a Crusader. I got a tip from a great guy at Marine Parts Source that led down a path to me finding a NOS in the box Osco Exhaust manifold. Case closed!

I called and struck out. Not sure what is going on. His brother did talk to him but forgot to ask about the engines. So if your still interested we can continue to pursue and hope for the best.

Thanks for your effort. I found the exhaust manifold I was looking for so I am all set.