Repairing west system bottom

Have a 25-35 year old west bottom. Overall seems in pretty good shape. I want to do a repair on a section toward bow just above keel. Approx 5”x20”. The inner layer is still in tact and all the ribs and intermittent ribs are good. So my thought is cleaned out area and cpes. Fit in a loosely replacement piece of plank with 5200. The question is, how will the 5200 react to layering fiberglass back over the area. Personally not a fan of westsystem and have always done 5200 bottoms. And yes 5200 on a non forever fix (fein tool changed my attitude as it’s now easy to remove if needed). Thanks for any thoughts

This is one of those questions that I am sure has many answers. But my guess, is that the west held up for 25 years. So? Or the west is just another base to 5200 onto. So? And if you are fiberglassing. The west is the way I would go, since you can actually fiberglass with west. And 5200 moves a bit?

I’m with you Matt. I use West on everything and am very happy with the outcome.I have hulls that were built in 1976 with West that are still in good shape. I’d set up a tapered guide to allow me to router out the old or bad wood and then using the taper I’d scarf in new wood. All saturated in West. And then glass over if that is your plan again with West. When done with the epoxy sand with some 120 grit and paint with your matching bottom paint.