Marine batteries arent what they used to be

Is it me or are other WB having the same issue’s with new marine batteries. In my resent three purchases all of the batteries dyed with in a month after the replacement period.
What brands are holding up better ?

Yes. Got two new large Napa ones that lasted 3 months!!! I also was told by a local marina they were also having issues

Sure seems that way. When I outfitted my Lyman after a restore, the two marine batteries (engine and house) lasted 4 years before one of them needed replacement. They are a marine starting and a deep cycle types, I have a heavy duty alternator and charging isolation relay and this worked great. Since then I have replaced two batteries that barely lasted a year. Nothing changed on the boat, so it looks like the batteries are not what they used to be.

Fortunately, I have a battery switch that allows the two to be combined in case of an emergency so I have not been stranded!

The late engine guru Brian Cuthbertson helped me out when I was having problems with Molly-O’s marine deep cycle battery life. She has a 5.7.L V8 , he said that doesn’t matter, deep cycle batteries should not be used as an engine starting battery. Cranking power is the critical item and it would differ with each engine. Check with your local marine supplier for the proper one for your application.
BTW Molly-O has been MUCH happier since changing.

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I use a dedicated marine starting battery for the engine and a dedicated deep cycle for the house loads. The starting battery is the one I recently had to replace after barely 1 year. The previous one lasted 4 years. I have checked for sneak currents on the starting circuit and all is well. The battery tests at 13.8 volts until I put my load tester on it then it falls to immediate zero volts with gurgling coming from the inside. Sounds like a shorted cell or a bad internal cell connection. Lost my NAPA receipt, so in the spring we’ll try a new source at my cost.

I’ve had a dual-purpose AGM Marine battery in my boat (327) for 5 years with no issues. X2 Brand from Batteries +.

I disconnect it for winter storage and put it on a battery tender for 8 hours in the spring before reconnecting.

Happy with it so far.

From what I understand this is a last year thing. And batteries are dead and done. I know in our area it was all Napa branded batteries. Like it was a bad batch. My Deka batteries lasted years.

I have had very good performance and beyond warranty reliability from Marine Starting batteries in both of my boats.

I store the batteries in my basement during the winter and trickle charge them at 1/2 amp for a few days before going back in the boat in the spring.