Gray Marine fuel pump need help!

I need a new fuel pump
Or rebuild kit for this, it’s a 1961 Gray Fireball v8 with twin carbs. Its serial number is 7100.
Someone said a AMC rambler used the same parts? Thank you!!

Hello, we have fuel pump kits for your Graymarine Engine and would be more than happy to help you. Our number is 201-445-8685. Do not try to use an AMC fuel pump. You will damage the camshaft eccentric on your engine it is not the same pump.


Anthony - I have experience with V8C-188 Gray Marine motor fuel pumps. Many years back I bought a rebuild kit from Duby Marine in Tonawanda NY, who used to be the go-to for Gray parts. They are gone. My current go-to for Gray parts is Dave Van Ness in NJ. If you can get a complete pump I recommend it. I never got my successfully rebuilt so that it wouldn’t leak. Yeah, your block is American Motors, but I think there was a special fuel pump. Good luck.

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Thanks for this comment, yes VanNess is the major go to for all Grey Marine.