Bottom paint manufacturer

Does anyone know of a copper bronze ablative paint for wood boat bottom to prevent Zebra Mussel adhesion?

Sorry Dennis, I dont know about the Zebra Mussels, Barnicals Yes. You may want to try having a custom color made from Kirby. He will make that.

Thanks Matt, who is Kirby and do you have a contact? I have a few soakers and was surprised by this fresh water invasive up on Torch Lake. I know they are downstate in Michigan. What a mess!! It’s not from lack of use. I’m sure I’m not the only one. I’ve talked to a couple restorers with no good solution. - Been in business since the Ark was built. He may still have the formula!

I’ve used Interlux Trilux 33 on an aluminum Roamer for years. Does not contain copper. Never had a problem with Zebra mussels even though the Niagara River has had them since they invaded.

No problems with my glass boats. Just wood ones that need to stay in the water. They have standard copper/bronze. My boat house for all 3 soakers has good water flow from river current. First time issues after 12+ years of this. Thanks all for any input.

I live and have my boat, with the boat in an enclosed boathouse ,and boat on Harsens Island and there are lots of Zebra Mussels everywhere here. However I have never heard of them collecting on boat bottoms. They seam to collect on fixed items like poles and seawalls that are in a slow moving stream or river.

I am on Lake Champlain with zebra muscles everywhere. We use Petit 1933 copper bronze color anti-fouling. This goes on the bottom of a 1955 25 foot Chris Continental. It has never had a muscle on it. Or anything else for that matter

Aggreged. We apply this Pettit ablative bottom paint to all bottoms that owners insist on leaving in the water all season.

Of course wooden pleasure boats MUST be dry sailed, not left to rot away in the water. If you choose to sail yours properly, the paint you want is Pettit Old Salem 1959 Hard Racing Copper Bronze: