Steering Column assembly

I’m trying to figure out the assembly of the top end of the steering column. I have basically two parts that I think go in the top end of the steering column. See picture.
I know that the black bushing centers the steering shaft but what holds it in place. I was told that the spring went on top the bushing under the steering wheel but what is it for. The steering wheel is securely attached to the steering shaft. Is the bushing recessed in to the steering column. Thanks for the help.

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The spring is for the Horn button.

Thanks. I should have included a scale with the picture. It is too big for my horn button. The one in the picture is 1.125" diameter x 1.25" long. My horn button is about 0.4375" diameter x 0.5" long.

This looks to be the spring that will install on the output shaft of the steering gear. The output shaft will be the short stub that comes out the side of the main casting. On that shaft there will be a cork seal, then a thin washer, then the spring, followed by the pitman arm, followed by a heavier washer, and finally a nut.

Thanks, It’s a bigger and stiffer spring that I have on the output shaft. It’s just as you described it.